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Estateguru AGB Änderungen  

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Anmeldedatum: 13.07.2010
Beiträge: 7078
Wohnort: Bei Karlsruhe

BeitragVerfasst am: 14.06.2017, 14:34    Titel: Re: Estateguru Erfahrungen (Estateguru) Antworten mit Zitat

Änderungen der AGBS:

14.8. The loan contract terminates, however the borrower is not obliged to repay the principle amount of the loan as a whole, in case the investor wishes to investor in a sequent project of the borrower (incl. based on the refinancing request with respect to the same project) and the investment of the investor is set off the claim of the principle amount of the loan according to the wish of the investor and an agreement of both the investor and the borrower. The borrower is, in the present case, obliged to repay all interest payment obligations and other fees and payments, also the share of the principle amount of the loan which overcomes the amount of the investment in the sequent project.

6.1.5. An acceptance in respect of a loan request may be given by an investor who has funds available on his or her account at least in an amount to the extent of which that investor wishes to grant a loan to the person who made that loan request, in case of refinancing of a previously funded project also an investor who does not have sufficient free funds on its account, but whose claims against the borrower requesting refinancing are at least in the amount to the extent of which the investor wishes to grant a loan to the borrower requesting the refinancing.

17.3. By confirming a loan request, the borrower gives its irrevocable consent that the lender, portal operator, a borrower and/or the security agent may give a dispute that has arisen with the borrower to be resolved at the arbitral tribunal of RT Capital Estonia OÜthe Chamber of Notaries ("arbitral tribunal") or any other arbitral tribunal at the choice of the portal operator. The applicable rules and regulations ("rules and regulations") of the arbitral tribunal shall govern the resolving of the dispute, based on the following agreements and principles:

4.10. A user has an option to share its user rights over virtual account to other registered users of the portal by using the content and the extent of the shared rights. The portal operator is not responsible for the actions and transactions completed by another user using the shared account or for the consequences of such actions and transactions.

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